So after a few months of being hacked and having the weirdest money-making scams grace the front of my blog, SEGA Gary is back folks.


Launched the social media pages for my tourism company today. Student Tours Scotland is now on various platforms and is really building steam. Head over to the facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger, youtube for more exciting information on the developments.


As you are all more than aware I have the mutant X-Men power of road tripping. Generally these are adventures to new and exciting places in the great world of Scotland. One consistent theme is that there is always a squad of folk with me as we go.

So I suppose it is fitting that I finally do that piece of Unfinished Roadtrip Business and go on an adventure by myself. 

Heading up into Argyllshire the Rest and Be Thankful offered me some awesome views. It’s a place for contemplation and taking stock. 

Heading up the A83 and through Inveraray I approached the Crinan Canal! A place I have never been. Check how awesome the canal looks in the sun!

There are canals all over Scotland but this one has an air of serenity I have yet to find elsewhere.

Anyway, I digress. The aim of this little detour was Castle Sween, a ruin that eluded me last year and I was adamant I would tick off the list this time around. So here it is:

It’s placed in the middle of a new caravan site which takes away from the majesty a little bit however it is still an important and well situated ruin in Scotland. Worth checking out merely for it’s remoteness.

As I ploughed up the A816 towards Oban, stopping briefly for pancakes, I could only focus on one think - a desperate and innate need to go to Loch Lomond.

I love the ‘Bonny Bonny Banks’. I really do. Nothing compares to them in my opinion.

Plus…there were bunnies!

Successful start to completing my Unfinished Business. 


"Gary, I have absolutely no regrets in life. You shouldn’t either. We are where we are because we have done what we have done and learned what we have learned."

- A very special person in my life.

There is a saying, “you made your bed now lie in it”. However there comes a point when the bed is clearly not for you anymore. Your stress and problems are clearly too much and no matter how you make your “bed”, lying in it will simply not help the situation at all.

I get it. I understand. If you make your bed badly then you could have a years worth of troubled nights, rough sleeps and nightmares. Trust me. However there comes a point when eventually no matter how much you have tried to make your bed more comfortable and iron out the creases - it just doesn’t help.

Time for a new bed guys. Sunday is that day. Sunday is liberation day. No more bed. No more stress. It’s over.


If I could turn around and look back at the wake left in my path as I travel through life there is a lot of unfinished business.

Why have I only ever got halfway through The Iliad? Would I be able to find my T-Shirts if I actually organised them? Would a book on the Glasgow Parks sell? If I went to the gym three times a week would I get buff? Why have I never got that tattoo I always wanted? 

I think I’ll make a list of my Unfinished Business and start wading through it all. What’s your Unfinished Business? 


Time passes and people change. I change. It’s a strange thought to let go of your past but sometimes you have no real choice in the matter. It’s not to say you should forget where you have come from or what you have learned. No, it’s more than that. However there comes a point when you really are just holding on for no real or proper reason anymore.

In a lot of ways over the past four years I’ve had a bit of an addiction and not really realised it. I’m not talking literally here so none of you need to worry however the end results have essentially been the same.

I’ve hurt a lot of people by accident and really ruined a lot of good things that were going on. For that I apologise.

However (there’s a lot of these going on) that’s not to say I’ve not learned a lot and shared a lot of fantastic experiences. What a crazy path we take in life eh?


It’s not that hard a wish to grant in my opinion. All I really want is a pair of baggy jeans. Nothing too fancy - two pockets will suffice. Yet in Glasgow in 2011 this appears a near impossible achievement. What happened to pandering to the needs of the wannabe Kurt Cobains? Has this now passed completely? Have we moved on so completely from the Nirvana Renaissance of the early 2000’s? I want my jeans dammit! I really honestly do not want to see how skinny your chicken legs are or how well cupped your arse is. I want big and baggy and I want them now. Dear Glasgow, please deliver on this.


"You are to be executed for causing this situation. People are ignorant. They’ll feel better as long as someone is punished."

- Rufus Shinra, Final Fantasy VII (seems appropriate for today re: a certain red head).

Growing up I was a bit of (well a massive) geek. I read a lot and was quite the introvert. High School didn’t really help to be honest. Then however I played a game. A videogame. It was awesome, really amazing in fact. The game blew open my imagination and in many ways changed and defined a lot of the things I do and did in life. I don’t find that sad in any way at all. I think being moved by a piece of media: TV, film, book, song, videogame, comic - just shows how well written or put together it is.

That game was Final Fantasy VII and if you haven’t already played it then you bloody well should. 1997 was a while back but it’s storyline is just … wow.

Anyway there was this place in the game called Cosmo Canyon and it’s the most chilled looking, relaxing place ever created. Surrounded by a world of chaos and madness this tiny piece of nature is a haven in itself. The landscape is rugged, exposed, rural and yet…sophisticated and enlightening.

As a teen I always thought it would be awesome if a place like that existed in real life. Growing up in Glasgow you don’t really feel like anywhere like that could ever be.

Thankfully I found my own little (well large) Cosmo Canyon only two hours from Glasgow. Glencoe.

People always say they wish life could be as exciting as the media they enjoy. Glencoe proves it can be. Get out and experience Cosmo Canyon as it was meant to be. In person. Just hope you don’t get dragged up in some world-saving storyline on the way!


Pokémon the Musical: I can’t get enough of this video. Seriously awesome.


This is a rant. I warn you.

So Ash, our hero of the Kanto Region decides to set off on an adventure of a lifetime - to become a Pokémon Master. Now for those of us who are geeky enough to know, we have the idea of what this involves - catching Pokémon. 

If you want to be a Pokémon Master you need to actually catch some Pokémon mate.

Ash on the other hand doesn’t really seem to care about this. Sure he had Pikachu (useless waste of time), Squirtle and Bulbasaur (he wouldn’t let them evolve) but what of the rest he actually caught?

from Flickr.com: Bruno Persi

His Caterpie evolves into the awesome Butterfree and he let’s it go. Charmander - let’s not even go there. Pideotto - urg, why let them go. And the rest he rarely uses! It’s pathetic. Krabby, Primeape, Muk and Tauros would already be better than the idiotic Pika-Pika!

So I braved a new season of Pokémon this morning only to discover that ten years has taught Ash nothing - he still let’s his wild Pokémon escape.

Master? You’re not even a Mister (seriously he’s still like 10 years old).



I’m sitting at my desk and I’m losing myself (and my soul) in my inbox of emails. Suddenly from across the hall I hear it. It’s a simple sound but one that sends the hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. My throat suddenly becomes dry as my brain starts the process of remembering what is associated normally with that sound.

I’m parched. I need one and I need it now. That KKK-CRRROSH of the can bursting open means only one thing. And the smell! I can smell the sweet haunting aroma from a mile away. Someone just opened an Irn Bru.

I love Irn Bru

I need to get one. How can I get one? I’ve drank the last from my stash. Everywhere around me has Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Both are generally fine but now I have the “cravings”. Now I need the bru.

More Irn Bru madness

It won’t be too hard to find one. Thankfully the cafe downstairs comes to the rescue. Just in time. Soon I would have been a mess of cells, a mere shadow of my former self, unable to cope with the simplest of tasks. 

Taking the can in hand I re-enact that awesome sound, that sound of release, the tension within the can no longer an issue, the liquid gold within given a new lease of life. A freedom, if you will.

The moment approaches.

Me and my towel.

As the first drops hit my tongue my body relaxes, everything will be okay now. Nothing in the world can stop how awesome the moment is. Each sip is like drinking the sweetest nectar of the Gods. 

The day is saved

But sadly it’s all over. Over for another day. Well, at least I can now look forward to something else: I’M GOING ON A TOUR OF THE IRN BRU FACTORY!

Look how happy I am:


"Your mistletoe is no match for my T.O.W. missile."

- Santa, Futurama

Last night Angel Grove (USA fictional town) was in grave danger. As I sipped upon my latte in Starbucks in Glasgow Buchanan Street I was interrupted by a familiar sound. It was the noise that the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers beeper watches make when Zordon tries to contact them. There it was again. And again.

Someone was ignoring Zordon. I looked around the room. Could it be the tall rugby looking guy in the back wearing a blue shirt? Or what about that asian girl in the corner wearing a pink shirt? Maybe it was me (suffering from amnesia) in my red tee? No it was the ginger haired girl behind me wearing black.

HOW COULD SHE ignore Zordon? Clearly the pink, blue, yellow, white, green and red rangers were about to die and needed her to form the MegaZord to defeat Rita and Lord Zedd’s evil forces. Within seconds she could “Mastadon” outta here and be in Angel Grove saving the day. But no! 

She was sipping on her coffee and laughing with her mates. I know she was perhaps worried about everyone finding out her identity but that’s what the alley next door is for, or the toilet or the lane across the road. She can morph there.

So the Power Rangers are probably all dead now. But at least the Black Ranger had a latte.

I will avenge your death Green Ranger (photo is from sbushfan1 on flickr.com). Beware you ginger adversary Black Ranger. I will destory you!

Tommy - the Green Ranger before Black Ranger in Glasgow let him die